Intellectual Property Organization of Pakistan

  Chairman IPO-Pakistan Mr. Mujeeb Ahmed Khan inaugurated the new version the Trademark Software IPAS version 3.1.1d

Karachi, July 2, 2018: The newly appointed Chairman, IPO-Pakistan launched the new version of the trademark process software IPAS version 3.1.1d in Trademark Registry Karachi. The Honorable Chairman IPO-Pakistan Mr. Mujeeb Ahmed Khan inaugurated the latest version of IPAS 3.1.1d at the application reception desk of the Trademark Registry; Mr. Muhammad Naseer, Executive Director IPO-Pakistan and Dr. Rizwan Basharat Director-IT also accompanied the Chairman in this event. The new version of IPAS will enhance the efficiency of Trademark business process and will provide efficient and effective service delivery to stakeholders. This will also increase the speed of remote processing of trademark applications from the Regional Offices in Lahore, Islamabad and Peshawar. The new version will allow various management tools like dashboards to the management which were not possible in the older versions of IPAS. The deployment of the latest version of IPAS 3.1.1d is a milestone in automation of IPO-Pakistan. Afterwards, the Chairman visited all the registries i.e. the Trademarks Registry, the Copyright Registry and the Patent & Design Office. He was briefed about the working of the registries and the major issues being faced by the officers and staff there. He promised to address those issues on priority.