Intellectual Property Organization of Pakistan

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  1. IPO, P&D to work together for providing trainings to Law Enforcement Agencies 2018-12-05

  2. Chairman IPO for promoting IPR culture during meeting with Brand Foundation 2018-12-02

  3. OICCI appreciates efforts of IPO under leadership of Mujeeb Ahmed Khan 2018-12-02

  4. Meeting held between Chairman IPO and Secretary TDAP 2018-12-02

  5. IPR Enforcement Coordination Committee meets in Multan 2018-11-06

  6. IPO require Services of Expert/Consultant to Undertake National Assessment for IP Project 2018-11-06

  7. IPO, PBA join hands for welfare of Pakistani artists in Music industry 2018-10-17

  8. IPO-Regional Office, Lahore has been shifted to new location 2018-10-04

  9. IPO-Regional Office, Lahore will be shifting to new location 2018-09-26


  11. IPO Pakistan and PITB Inked MoU to Promote Knowledge Based Economy in the Country 2018-09-11

  12. IPR Enforcement Coordination Committee meets in Sukkur 2018-07-13

  13. Chairman IPO Pakistan Visited PIPRA 2018-07-04

  14. Chairman IPO Pakistan visited Overseas Investors Chamber of Commerce & Industry (July 2, 2018) 2018-07-03

  15. IPO-Pakistan organized World IP Day Seminar to commemorate World IP Day 2018 2018-04-25

  16. Establishment of IPO-Regional Office, Peshawar 2018-04-17

  17. Trademark Personal Search Facility is now available at IPO-HQs, Islamabad 2018-03-13

  18. IPO-Pakistan, HEC to ink down agreement for establishing TISC network in 23 Universities 2017-12-06

  19. USA to work closely with IPO-Pakistan for promotion of IPRs 2017-11-30

  20. IPO-Pakistan to play important role in CPEC: Shaza Fatima Khawaja 2017-11-23

  21. IPO to expand its network while establishing regional offices: NA body 2017-11-20

  22. Developments in IP Protection and Enforcement System of Pakistan should be acknowledged in USA IP Reports: IPO-Pakistan 2017-09-20

  23. Commerce Minister lauds IPO-Pakistan’s performance 2017-09-11

  24. IP image of Pakistan to be improved internationally: IPO-Pakistan 2017-08-31

  25. Secretary Commerce shows unflinching support of Commerce Ministry to IPO-Pakistan 2017-08-04

  26. 7th Meeting of IPRs Enforcement Coordination Committee held 2017-07-31

  27. World IP Day 2017 2017-04-17

  28. Mohammad Younus Dagha assures Commerce Ministry’s support to IPO-Pakistan 2017-04-05

  29. Mohammad Younus Dagha assures Commerce Ministry’s support to IPO-Pakistan 2017-04-05

  30. Mohammad Younus Dagha assures Commerce Ministry’s support to IPO-Pakistan 2017-04-05

  31. Mohammad Younus Dagha assures Commerce Ministry’s support to IPO-Pakistan 2017-04-05

  32. Chinese delegation visited NUST 2017-03-29

  33. State Intellectual Property Organization of China visited CIIT 2017-03-29

  34. SIPO delegation calls on Chairman IPO, hold meeting with IPO-Pakistan 2017-03-29

  35. SIPO delegation calls on Minister for Commerce 2017-03-29

  36. SIPO Delegation visited IPO-Pakistan 2017-03-29

  37. Plant Breeders’ Rights Act Promulgated 2016-12-29

  38. IPR Enforcement Coordination Committee Meeting held in Islamabad on 28th December, 2016 2016-12-29

  39. IP Judicial Exchange Program: Pakistani delegation visited the United States [August 15-25, 2016] 2016-12-28

  40. Pakistan has been Removed from US Priority Watch List 2016-12-28

  41. 12th Meeting of the IPO Policy Board was held on December 22, 2016 2016-12-28

  42. The Patents (Amendments) Act, 2016 - Electronic Publication of Patents Journal 2016-09-08

  43. Commerce Minister Khurram Dastgir Khan visited IPO-Pakistan 2016-08-17

  44. Draft Geographical Indication Protection Bill, 2016 is available for Comments 2016-08-17

  45. Administrative Control of IPO-Pakistan transferred to Commerce Division 2016-07-25